How to Build a House from Timber


The wood is in vogue, and the market for timber house in New Zealand is growing slowly but surely. As a matter of fact, according to the Ministry of Primary Industries, sales of timber New Zealand has tripled in 10 years, and in 2013, 12% of individual houses were built of wood. However, as simple as it may seem, building a timber house is not so easy that anyone can easily undertake. Here are some tips to consider when building a timber house.

Choose simple construction

Mount a frame of wood closely spaced to form the structure of the house. This framework supports the floors and woodwork prefabricated in a factory or workshop. The structure should be completed using wooden panels that form the walls and interior walls of the house. The simple it is, the easier it will be to construct.

Stages of construction of a wooden house

Once the foundation or crawlspace is erected, installation of the house is done in stages that involve combining the various prefabricated elements that make up the house. However, for the construction of any timber products NZ, professional help might not be a bad idea after all.

1. Choose the construction site

This is where it all begins; it is not everywhere that you can construct a timber house. You have to select the best site, more especially in New Zealand where the weather may at times be extreme. Other than the weather, factors such as size and shape, orientation and site-specific factors such as soil condition, play an important role in the selection of the construction site.

2. Acquisition building permit

It would be very unwise not to get a permit. A building permit is mandatory and is conventionally issued by either the local or regional authorities and as such, may vary from one region to another. Consulting a professional on timber products NZ, more particularly, a timber home construction expert can help take you through the permit acquisition process.

3. Mounting the ground floor

Start with the installation of the low-level panels and then the upper floor, before finally mounting the upstairs walls. The facing should be integrated into the panels when they arrive on site, which reduces the construction period.

4. Installing the roof terrace and windows

Once the walls have been assembled, put the roof terrace at the top of the structure. Then install the windows on the ground floor and upstairs, in the locations provided for this purpose at the time of the wood panels’ manufacturer. Finally, you can complete the wood siding for the exterior. At this point, the house is ready, what remains is only the interiors and decorations.

In general, with the help structural timber products NZ professional, and more especially an expert in construction of timber houses, you can easily get yourself one of the best timber houses. For all your timber house needs, Techlam has you covered. At Techlam we focus of quality service delivery, each time ensuring that the timber house you get, is worth the effort and investment.

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Five Uses for Timber Around Your Home


From budget to looks, there are many reasons why you can consider using timber in your home. Below are 5 ways you can use timber practically and aesthetically inside the interior of your home…

1. Dining table

Make a statement timber wood dining table the focal point of your dining room. Eating together as a family is becoming less common, so having a dedicated table makes meal times special. The different grains in your chosen timber can be brought out by staining it with linseed oil. Timber creates beautiful, solid furniture that ages well and maintains its value.

2. Flooring

Use timber flooring to work in with your interior decor. Choose honey coloured timber to brighten a room and make it appear bigger. Or choose darker timber to achieve an elegance that set off lighter coloured walls. Timber flooring is easy to maintain and clean. And it also brings nature inside.

3. Feature wall

You can use structural timber for a feature wall if your purpose is to contrast with paler tones in the rest of the room. Wood absorbs a lot of light and that’s why it is important to balance this with a lighter palette for soft furnishings and paintwork.

Whether you want to create a rustic log cabin feel or have a contemporary polished feel – you can convey this by the type of timber you choose. Remember to select lighting carefully to compliment your feature wall.

4. Headboard

A timber headboard isn’t just a subtle addition to a bedroom – it’s a great way to draw attention to your bed and make it a real feature. The existing palette of your bedroom plays an integral part in determining what kind of wood you choose. You can choose a timber headboard to reflect your style, whether it be elegant or rustic. Or enlist the help of a carpenter who can carve a design for you to completely customise your headboard.

5. Doors

Timber doors are durable, sturdy and long lasting. You can paint timber doors or highlight the natural grain by staining it. If you want to use timber in your next home improvement project, it’s very important to consider the existing features of a room and how they will be enhanced by the addition of the wood.

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New Zealand’s Trusted Supplier of Laminated Beams


Since 1992 Techlam has been involved in manufacturing high quality timber products for New Zealand and overseas customers. Many of our products can be found in the Australian and South Pacific markets. Although Techlam started as a small business we have grown to become one of the biggest timber suppliers and installers in New Zealand.

Every Techlam customer receives great value for money. If you are looking for laminated beams in NZ, then you have come to the right place. Laminated timber products can be used for different purposes and are durable with a clean surface finish. All Techlam products are manufactured using state of the art technology which ensures the final product reflects the highest quality possible.

As a fully established company Techlam can deliver any amount of laminated timber. If you have a big project where a large amount of laminated timber is required, you can rely upon Techlam to supply you with quality laminated timber products. Goods are delivered promptly and within the shortest possible time-frame, so your project can go ahead as planned.

All Techlam timber products are treated to meet international standards and are priced competitively. If you want to save money when buying laminated beams in Wellington, then Techlam is the right company for you. The process of ordering laminated timber from us is easy. Simply fill in the online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Apart from laminated timber, Techlam also offers other timber products. Visit to view our catalogue and receive a free quote. Techlam is the number one timber supplier in New Zealand. Join our satisfied client base when you order from us today.

Techlam Provides Structural Laminated Timber Products


In the market for over 20 years – Techlam has grown into the largest glue laminated timber (Glulam) producer in New Zealand. By combining our understanding of the industry with a highly skilled team, we have been able to continually satisfy a wide range of architectural needs. Our product distribution spans New Zealand and the global market.

Techlam’s products

The quality, strength and durability of the products Techlam produces is guaranteed. Our products are ideal for civil, commercial, residential and architectural construction. Below you will find 5 of our main products outlined:

1. Glulam timber

Techlam manufactures both straight and pre-cambered glulam timber in NZ. Glulam timber is a type of construction material where layers of wood are glued together to form structural timber. Compared to structural steel, glue laminated timber is much lighter, uses less energy to produce and boasts more strength. It is also a much better alternative to non-laminated lumber.

2. Glulaminated visual appearance grades

Glulaminated visual appearance grades are used in construction projects where the timber is exposed to view. Examples include rafters and veranda beams. To produce an aesthetic, high quality finish any visual defects in the timber are filled, with beams sanded on all sides. During construction, a temporary sealer for protection is applied. There are also different treatment options that can be used including H5, H3.2, H1.2 and UT.

Depending on your construction needs, Techlam can produce these beams to various specifications such as pre-cambered, pre-primed or bandsawn finish.

3. Glulaminated utility / non-visual grades

Where structural strength and budget is more important than visual appeal, non-visual grades are used. Glulaminated non-visual grades are mostly used in projects like bridges, deck bearers and non-visual roof frames and rafters. Glulaminated utility grades consist of a machine finish and have minor visual defects. A temporary protective sealer is also applied during construction. Similiar to with visual grades, different treatments are available.

4. Premium posts

Our premium posts focus on aesthetics and customisation. Whatever size or finish you require, Techlam can provide. Premium posts are fully sanded with any visual defects filled and protective seal applied. You can order special sizing (up to 20m+), bandsawn and pre-primed posts.

5. Techlam eziposts

Techlam eziposts are a more cost effective alternative to premium posts. They are perfect for construction projects where strength and stability is more important than looks. Although some minor visual defects will be present, Techlam eziposts are perfect for pergolas and entry posts. Different sizes and treatment options are available.

Other Techlam products

Techlam also specialises in the following products…

• Structural laminated flooring – a cost saving alternative to mezzanine floors
• Glulam Portals – including plywood gusset portals and curved knee portals
• Curved beams
• Structural laminated posts

All Techlam products have fulfilled the highest industry standards, guaranteeing you the highest quality products. To learn more about our products, visit or come in and visit us at our head office in Levin.

Five Benefits of Building With Timber


If you have decided to build yourself a brand new house, a small cottage or even a small garden shed, consider using timber. Timber is one of the most affordable, durable and reliable building materials you can find on the market. Here you will find 5 of the best benefits of building with timber:

1. Natural and non-toxic

Not only is timber 100% natural and renewable – it is also readily available in many parts of New Zealand. Timber is non-toxic, biodegradable and doesn’t need to be chemically treated to withstand harsh environmental conditions. This is very important for protecting the flora and fauna, as chemically treated wood can wreak havoc on the ecosystem.

2. Time efficient to build with

One of the main reasons builders have started to use timber more frequently is because it can reduce construction times by as much as 30%. If you are on a tight schedule and want to get the job done quickly and smoothly, this is important. Timber is also durable yet lightweight and can be beneficial for building home foundations in areas with poor ground conditions.

3. Structurally sound

A very common misconception related to timber is that it is not as sturdy as metal, concrete or other building materials. The truth is that timber is structurally sound and can withstand a tremendous amount of pressure. Heavy timber is naturally resistant to fire and can withstand devastating natural disasters – from tsunamis and hurricanes to severe earthquakes.

4. Timber is a great insulator

If you are looking for a durable and cost-effective material that stands out through its insulation properties, then look no further than timber. Timber is known to be a natural insulator and can reduce the energy needs of your future home. It is important to remember that everything comes down to the overall frame of the building. It is essential for the frame not to allow any temperature transfer between the interior and the exterior of the house.

5. Flexible design options

Timber has been used for thousands of years due to its flexibility and versatility. With a bit of effort, you can use timber to envision just about any type of design. Customisable and very malleable at the same time, timber can be used not just for the overall structure of your home – but also for creating large open spaces, window frames and decking.

When using timber for your next construction project, it is essential to choose a professional and reliable construction company that uses high-quality timber beams in NZ. Contact Techlam today.

Three Popular Products Techlam Offers


Techlam is a professional company that specialises in selling high quality timber products. All products are made by Craftbuilt Industries, a family owned and operated business. Techlam has been providing its customers with reliable and durable timber for more than two decades and has developed professional relationships with respected architects and builders throughout New Zealand.

Techlam also provides timber products for specifically designed architectural projects and complex structural projects. Outstanding craftsmanship, attention to detail and competitive prices are important factors that makes Techlam stand out above the rest.

Three popular products Techlam provides include:

1. Structural laminated flooring products

Laminated flooring has several notable benefits that every builder or architect is well-aware of. Not only is this type of flooring cheaper and more efficient than traditional mezzanine floors, but it is durable and resistant to fire damage as well. Laminated flooring has an appealing yet natural look with the timber adding a touch of luxury to just about every home. Structural laminated flooring products are a great investment for all homeowners who want to enhance the comfort and value of their homes.

2. Glulam portals

These timber frames are sought-after because they are cheaper than steel and other metal frames. Laminated timber portal frames help their owners save a lot of time and trouble down the track as these frames are low maintenance and can withstand even the harshest environments. This is one reason why architects choose to place laminated timber portal frames around pools or other locations subject to intense weather conditions.

3. Curved timber beams

Another very popular product provided by Techlam is the curved timber beam. Durable, reliable and cost-effective – curved timber beams are a great choice due to their versatility of being easily adapted to any environment. Choose between radius-changing tapering curves, elliptical beans or any other shape of your choice.

Besides the timber products mentioned above, Techlam also provides the following products:

  • Structural laminated posts
  • Connection detailing
  • Curved fascias (available in any size)
  • Rafter beams
  • Laminated round poles
  • Curved framing plates
  • Glulam bridges

Receive your free quote from Techlam and obtain valuable advice on choosing the best type of timber for your project. For professional consultancy services and high quality timber products, contact the experts at Techlam today.