Techlam Provides Structural Laminated Timber Products


In the market for over 20 years – Techlam has grown into the largest glue laminated timber (Glulam) producer in New Zealand. By combining our understanding of the industry with a highly skilled team, we have been able to continually satisfy a wide range of architectural needs. Our product distribution spans New Zealand and the global market.

Techlam’s products

The quality, strength and durability of the products Techlam produces is guaranteed. Our products are ideal for civil, commercial, residential and architectural construction. Below you will find 5 of our main products outlined:

1. Glulam timber

Techlam manufactures both straight and pre-cambered glulam timber in NZ. Glulam timber is a type of construction material where layers of wood are glued together to form structural timber. Compared to structural steel, glue laminated timber is much lighter, uses less energy to produce and boasts more strength. It is also a much better alternative to non-laminated lumber.

2. Glulaminated visual appearance grades

Glulaminated visual appearance grades are used in construction projects where the timber is exposed to view. Examples include rafters and veranda beams. To produce an aesthetic, high quality finish any visual defects in the timber are filled, with beams sanded on all sides. During construction, a temporary sealer for protection is applied. There are also different treatment options that can be used including H5, H3.2, H1.2 and UT.

Depending on your construction needs, Techlam can produce these beams to various specifications such as pre-cambered, pre-primed or bandsawn finish.

3. Glulaminated utility / non-visual grades

Where structural strength and budget is more important than visual appeal, non-visual grades are used. Glulaminated non-visual grades are mostly used in projects like bridges, deck bearers and non-visual roof frames and rafters. Glulaminated utility grades consist of a machine finish and have minor visual defects. A temporary protective sealer is also applied during construction. Similiar to with visual grades, different treatments are available.

4. Premium posts

Our premium posts focus on aesthetics and customisation. Whatever size or finish you require, Techlam can provide. Premium posts are fully sanded with any visual defects filled and protective seal applied. You can order special sizing (up to 20m+), bandsawn and pre-primed posts.

5. Techlam eziposts

Techlam eziposts are a more cost effective alternative to premium posts. They are perfect for construction projects where strength and stability is more important than looks. Although some minor visual defects will be present, Techlam eziposts are perfect for pergolas and entry posts. Different sizes and treatment options are available.

Other Techlam products

Techlam also specialises in the following products…

• Structural laminated flooring – a cost saving alternative to mezzanine floors
• Glulam Portals – including plywood gusset portals and curved knee portals
• Curved beams
• Structural laminated posts

All Techlam products have fulfilled the highest industry standards, guaranteeing you the highest quality products. To learn more about our products, visit or come in and visit us at our head office in Levin.


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