Five Uses for Timber Around Your Home


From budget to looks, there are many reasons why you can consider using timber in your home. Below are 5 ways you can use timber practically and aesthetically inside the interior of your home…

1. Dining table

Make a statement timber wood dining table the focal point of your dining room. Eating together as a family is becoming less common, so having a dedicated table makes meal times special. The different grains in your chosen timber can be brought out by staining it with linseed oil. Timber creates beautiful, solid furniture that ages well and maintains its value.

2. Flooring

Use timber flooring to work in with your interior decor. Choose honey coloured timber to brighten a room and make it appear bigger. Or choose darker timber to achieve an elegance that set off lighter coloured walls. Timber flooring is easy to maintain and clean. And it also brings nature inside.

3. Feature wall

You can use structural timber for a feature wall if your purpose is to contrast with paler tones in the rest of the room. Wood absorbs a lot of light and that’s why it is important to balance this with a lighter palette for soft furnishings and paintwork.

Whether you want to create a rustic log cabin feel or have a contemporary polished feel – you can convey this by the type of timber you choose. Remember to select lighting carefully to compliment your feature wall.

4. Headboard

A timber headboard isn’t just a subtle addition to a bedroom – it’s a great way to draw attention to your bed and make it a real feature. The existing palette of your bedroom plays an integral part in determining what kind of wood you choose. You can choose a timber headboard to reflect your style, whether it be elegant or rustic. Or enlist the help of a carpenter who can carve a design for you to completely customise your headboard.

5. Doors

Timber doors are durable, sturdy and long lasting. You can paint timber doors or highlight the natural grain by staining it. If you want to use timber in your next home improvement project, it’s very important to consider the existing features of a room and how they will be enhanced by the addition of the wood.

Techlam offers Glulam laminated timber in NZ. Visit their website at to get some inspiration for your next home renovation.


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