How to Build a House from Timber


The wood is in vogue, and the market for timber house in New Zealand is growing slowly but surely. As a matter of fact, according to the Ministry of Primary Industries, sales of timber New Zealand has tripled in 10 years, and in 2013, 12% of individual houses were built of wood. However, as simple as it may seem, building a timber house is not so easy that anyone can easily undertake. Here are some tips to consider when building a timber house.

Choose simple construction

Mount a frame of wood closely spaced to form the structure of the house. This framework supports the floors and woodwork prefabricated in a factory or workshop. The structure should be completed using wooden panels that form the walls and interior walls of the house. The simple it is, the easier it will be to construct.

Stages of construction of a wooden house

Once the foundation or crawlspace is erected, installation of the house is done in stages that involve combining the various prefabricated elements that make up the house. However, for the construction of any timber products NZ, professional help might not be a bad idea after all.

1. Choose the construction site

This is where it all begins; it is not everywhere that you can construct a timber house. You have to select the best site, more especially in New Zealand where the weather may at times be extreme. Other than the weather, factors such as size and shape, orientation and site-specific factors such as soil condition, play an important role in the selection of the construction site.

2. Acquisition building permit

It would be very unwise not to get a permit. A building permit is mandatory and is conventionally issued by either the local or regional authorities and as such, may vary from one region to another. Consulting a professional on timber products NZ, more particularly, a timber home construction expert can help take you through the permit acquisition process.

3. Mounting the ground floor

Start with the installation of the low-level panels and then the upper floor, before finally mounting the upstairs walls. The facing should be integrated into the panels when they arrive on site, which reduces the construction period.

4. Installing the roof terrace and windows

Once the walls have been assembled, put the roof terrace at the top of the structure. Then install the windows on the ground floor and upstairs, in the locations provided for this purpose at the time of the wood panels’ manufacturer. Finally, you can complete the wood siding for the exterior. At this point, the house is ready, what remains is only the interiors and decorations.

In general, with the help structural timber products NZ professional, and more especially an expert in construction of timber houses, you can easily get yourself one of the best timber houses. For all your timber house needs, Techlam has you covered. At Techlam we focus of quality service delivery, each time ensuring that the timber house you get, is worth the effort and investment.

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